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Hannibal collection
  • Manual sharpening on a whetstone
  • Unique handle design
  • Exclusive shape of the ergonomic handle
Samura Hannibal

A remarkable 4-person knife set, the HANNIBAL series says to the dull, “Never again!” Fashioned for the world of steaks, HANNIBAL knives exemplify Samura’s love of ambitious design and exceptional performance. The smooth, elegant slopes give this set an original aesthetic, and the pearlescent handles give the HANNIBAL series an epicurean appearance that pairs nicely with any china.

Unique to steak knives, the non-serrated cuttingedges yield an amazing cutting performance. Withmatching forks included, the HANNIBAL series4-person set is sure to become your indispensablego-to whenever you’re enjoying any steak!

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