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Samura Pronunciation
This series knives are inspired by fangs, claws, and insatiable hunger, blending an animalistic aesthetic with modern knife-production technology.
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Forged by hand from individual pieces of steel, METEORA knives are uniquely hammered to reflect the hostility of outer space.
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Produced in accordance with traditional forging technology, the handmade BLACKSMITH series features high-carbon steel knives that go through extensive manual processing.
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Mad Bull
Though a tribute to a traditional Serbian chef’s knife, the MAD BULL is a versatile kitchen cleaver produced using cutting-edge production technologies.
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Artefact Series Is An Excellent Choice For bold cooking enthusiasts who value style and performance.
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The ultra-versatile ARNY series represents the creative craftsmanship and industry expertise that make Samura a global leader in kitchen knives.
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Super 5
Featuring five layers of high-carbon steel, the convex-sharpened SUPER 5 series will remain super sharp twice as long as normal knives.
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