DUBAI Collection 8 Knives Premium Set
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AED 4,499
AUS-10 Stainless steel
No of Steel layers : 1
59-61 HRC

The "DUBAI Collection" epitomizes the essence of prestige, splendor, and opulence in design. In the realm of the "City of Success and Prosperity," conventional notions of affordability dissolve, leaving space for a celebration of sheer artistic brilliance.
This collection transcends the bounds of mere monetary value, existing as an exquisite masterpiece. Its craftsmanship is nothing short of impeccable, boasting flawless equilibrium, razor-sharp precision, and a feather-light demeanor.
However, its true allure lies beyond the tangible, captivating admirers with its ethereal beauty and profound emotional resonance, much like the city it embodies. It ignites a fervent admiration and longing, eclipsing all other considerations with its sheer magnificence.

Handle material: Rose Gold Stainless Steel
Blade material: AUS-10 Stainless steel
Blade hardness: 59-61 HRC
Sharpening: Two-sided Samura Signature Sharpening

Set of 8 Premium Kitchen Knives Includes:
1. DUBAI Paring knife 100 mm / 3.9"
2. DUBAI Utility knife 159 mm / 6.3"
3. DUBAI Bogie knife 164 mm / 6.5"
4. DUBAI Slicing knife 193 mm / 7.6"
5. DUBAI Slicing knife 228 mm / 9"
6. DUBAI Fillet knife 197 mm / 7.8"
7. DUBAI Bread knife 199 mm / 7.8"
8. DUBAI Chef’s knife 196 mm / 7.7"

SKU #: SDB-0280


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