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About Us

Here at Samura®, we are driven by a clear vision: achieving an ideal coalescence of traditional
Japanese mastery, European permanence, and unparalleled creativity.

Samura® Premium Kitchen Knives began its journey by launching its initial knife series in 2003, immediately revolutionizing the contemporary kitchen knife. Our fixation on combining centuries-old traditions with progressive technology has made Samura® an unrivaled innovator in knife manufacturing and design.

What makes our products the perfect choice?
We love what we do.
Our knowledge of metals, steels, techniques, grinds, polishes?
Our dedication to greatness?
Our obsession with knives?
Our sense of design, quality, and style?


At Samura, we are devoted to
one principle — Precision is everything.

Samura started as a family business led by our gonzo founder, renowned designer and engineer Alex Yakovlev, who still sketches every concept by hand. Obsessed with precision, Alex invests countless hours ensuring that everything carrying Samura’s name guarantees our customers incomparable quality, everlasting sharpness, and singular aesthetics. And although our company has blossomed into a major market force, we still run everything like a family shop: ninety percent of production process is done manually.

That’s why our research and development is so rigorous. Our prototypes are tested by culinary professionals under the widest possible array of conditions. Our knives are trialled in high-volume restaurants as well as home kitchens, by sushi chefs and bone-carving butchers, on every conceivable cutting objective. Only after our products have been proven to handle any cutting load, any cutting process with hairsplitting acuity and optimum performance, and only when we can assure users flawless balance and perfect weight with slip-free ease and ergonomic comfort do Samura knives become available to consumers.

We invite you to experience
our superior cutting performance.

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Who We Are

Where other manufacturers cut costs, Samura believes that a higher caliber requires
a heftier investment. That’s why Samura knives are crafted from the best Japanese and Swedish steel, hardened to 58–61 HRC. Our knives are then sharpened at a unique angle of 17 degrees and many of our series go through manual convex sharpening-though a far more costly and time-consuming process, we want our knives to cut better than anything ever experienced. Samura was also the first brand to implement «stonewash» serial production, which gives each blade a non-stick surface that ensures effortless cutting.
All our handles are made from the finest materials, and every Samura knife is hand-sharpened on a whetstone before packaging.

About Samura

Customer Centricity

Our current customers are lifetime devotees who have an average of seven different Samura knives in their home and anxiously await new releases. Each collection offers something the market has never seen, such as our ultra-light Bamboo series, our MadBull tribute to the Serbian cleaver, or our Inca ceramic line designed especially for females. We even have a special series in the works for vegan and vegetarian consumers.

In short, the customer is our audience, and we aim for ovation. We compete only with ourselves and our insatiable desire to find the perfect knife for your acclaimed, accomplished, or even aspiring culinary interests. We invite you to experience our superior cutting performance.

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