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Fillet Knife Models
HARAKIRI Fillet Knife
  • Low weight
  • Two Colours
  • Corrosion-resistant AUS-8 Japan
  • Double-sided sharpening blades
  • Straight slopes
  • Antimicrobial steel bolster
  • Ergonomic G-10 handle
  • Medium weight
  • Straight slopes
  • Classic G-10 handle
  • Hygienic bolster fused with the blade
  • Low weight
  • Straight slopes
  • Exclusive shape of the ergonomic handle
Fillet Knife
The Fish Lover’s Knife

Samura Fillet Knives execute unrivalled cuts of small-to-medium fish fillets or scallops.

The long, thin, flexible blades of these knives are designed to ensure accurate raising of any fish—firm or flaky, oily or light—while eliminating waste. These knives are also incredibly useful for fine mincing of onions or shallots.

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