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Cleaver Models
BAMBOO Cleaver
  • Low weight
  • Straight slopes
  • Exclusive shape of the ergonomic handle
  • Low weight
  • Two Colours
  • Corrosion-resistant AUS-8 Japan
  • Double-sided sharpening blades
  • Straight slopes
  • Antimicrobial steel bolster
  • Ergonomic G-10 handle
  • Low weight
  • Convex sharpening
  • Hard Japanese steel AUS-10
  • Ideal weight balance
  • Medium weight
  • Smooth slopes
  • Steel anti-microbial bolster
  • Ultra strong G-10 handle
  • Low weight
  • Three colours
  • Double-sided symmetrical sharpening
  • Grippy TPE handle
  • Medium weight
  • Ultrastrong TPE handle
  • Manual sharpening on a whetstone
The Beautifully Brutal Butcher’s Knife

Samura Cleavers are an artistic array of aggression. Each cleaver has a sharply beveled edge used for heavy chopping of meat products and small bones. With blades ranging from 15-30 centimeters in length, cleavers are ideal tools for dealing with beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and any other dense meats.

Cleavers are also handy when splitting melons or squash and dicing vegetables and fruits. Samura has carefully balanced the weight of each of our cleavers, and each comes equipped with a non-slip handle.

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