SULTAN PRO Knife Set: Butcher knife, Skinning knife, stainless steel honing rod 203 mm
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AED 235
AUS-8 Stainless steel
No of Steel layers : 1
58-59 HRC

The SULTAN PRO collection, inspired by the Turkic pchak hunting knife heritage, captures the true soul of Central Asia. Uniquely shaped, Sultan Pro knives are incredibly versatile and ready to take on the full gamut of cutting tasks. Made of an innovative multi-layer polymer and fashioned after a Russian saber, the handle gives you a confident, no-slip “death grip” for strong, true cuts.

The SULTAN PRO blade has been honed using Convex-sharpening technology for longer-lasting sharpness, higher durability and less drag.

Handle material: TPE
Number of layers: 1
Blade material: AUS-8 Satin Finish
Blade hardness: 58-59 HRC

1. SULTAN PRO Butcher knife 192 mm (SUP-0066BBL)
2. SULTAN PRO Skinning knife 155 mm (SUP-0067BBL)
3. Samura Stainless steel honing rod 203 mm

A knife, featuring a thick, wide, and long blade with a central tip. Effortlessly chop fruits, vegetables, while seamlessly cutting through meat, fish and poultry. Its unique design allows you to go beyond basics and smash garlic with the side of the blade and tenderize meat with the spine offering unparalleled functionality in the kitchen. It's a tool that adapts to your every need.

SKU #: SUP-0230BL

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