SULTAN Chef’s knife 7.0″: Black
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AED 309
Damascus Steel
No of Steel layers : 67
59-61 HRC

SAMURA SULTAN is a truly extraordinary collection of kitchen knives inspired by the achievements of the great Ottoman Empire. It is a perfect addition to any kitchen collection by providing the most reliable, unusual and highly effective knives for daily use.

The blades are forged from ultra strong 67 layered Damascus steel with shapes inspired by classic Asian Pichaks, Tugri and Kayik.

Blade material: Damascus steel
Number of layers: 67
Handle material: G-10
Blade hardness: 59-61 HRC

A knife, featuring a thick, wide, and long blade with a central tip. Effortlessly chop fruits, vegetables, while seamlessly cutting through meat, fish and poultry. Its unique design allows you to go beyond basics and smash garlic with the side of the blade and tenderize meat with the spine offering unparalleled functionality in the kitchen. It's a tool that adapts to your every need.

SKU #: SU-0085DB

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