PRO-S LUNAR Nakiri knife 6.6″
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AED 565
VG-10 Hammered Damascus steel
No of Steel layers : 67
60-61 HRC

SAMURA PRO-S LUNAR collection captures the beauty and brutality of the moon’s surface. The Hammered Damascus Steel blades feature irregular pocking to mirror the battered terrain of Earth’s celestial mate. Made of high-pressure fiberglass, the G-10 handle – developed from multilayered glass cloth soaked in epoxy resin – has been crafted to reduce moisture and strengthen structural integrity. Make your kitchen stand out and control the cutting tides with SAMURA PRO-S LUNAR.

Handle material: G-10
Number of layers: 67
Blade material: Hammered Damascus steel
Blade hardness: 60-61 HRC

Samura Nakiri Knife: A masterfully crafted blade that pays homage to Japanese culinary tradition. Designed specifically for the art of vegetable cutting, its razor-sharp edge and flat profile ensure precise and uniform slices, making it the perfect tool for creating stunning vegetable dishes.

SKU #: SPL-0074

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