METEORA Chef’s knife 8.2″
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AED 346
VG-10 Hammered Damascus steel
No of Steel layers : 5
59-61 HRC

Hand forged from individual pieces of steel, METEORA knives are designed to reflect the hostility of outer space. Their extraterrestrial aesthetic makes them perfect for the cooking enthusiast who wants to stand out. They are optimally balanced and undergo Convex sharpening ensuring they will cut through anything.

Embodying Samura’s hallmark blend of performance and panache, the METEORA collection is sure to make a major difference in the kitchen.

Handle material: Hammered steel
Blade material: VG-10 Hammered Damascus steel
Number of layers: 5
Blade hardness: 59-61 HRC

A knife, featuring a thick, wide, and long blade with a central tip. Effortlessly chop fruits, vegetables, while seamlessly cutting through meat, fish and poultry. Its unique design allows you to go beyond basics and smash garlic with the side of the blade and tenderize meat with the spine offering unparalleled functionality in the kitchen. It's a tool that adapts to your every need.

SKU #: SMT-0085

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