MO-V Stonewash Slicing knife 9.0″
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AED 219
AUS-8 Stainless steel Stonewash
No of Steel layers : 1
58-59 HRC

Featuring a noble, dark color blade Mo-V Stonewash gets its distinct look by stonewashing the metal with millions of small stones resulting in an aristocratic dark aesthetic.
All knives come with a hygienic metallic bolster that seperates the distinct blade from a moisture resistant oval handle

Handle material: G-10
Number of layers: 1
Blade material: AUS-8 Stonewash
Blade hardness: 58-59 HRC

Samura MO-V Slicing knife has quite a narrow, straight and long (23 cm) blade, which allows to speak of it as a knife ideal for preparing portions of baked or cooked loin, corned beef, ham, as well as turkey, chicken and fish.

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