GOLF Stonewash Bread knife 9.0″
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AED 109
AUS-8 Stainless steel Stonewash
No of Steel layers : 1
58-59 HRC

The kitchen bread knife from the Samura Golf Stonewash Stonewash collection with a serrated blade is an excellent tool for efficient cutting of various pastries (bread, pies, cakes).

The perfect knife for your kitchen «golf bag». The knife inherits its name from the distinct dimples featured on the handle. The lightweight, stylish collection provides a comfortable grip while the corrosion resistant AUS-8 blades are fortified with Manganese to increase toughness and higher durability.

Handle material: Polypropylene, TPR soft-touch
Number of layers: 1
Blade material: AUS-8 Stonewash
Blade hardness: 58-59 HRC

SKU#: SG-0055B

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