DAMASCUS Set of 3 kitchen knives in a gift box: Paring knife, Utility knife, Chef’s knife
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AED 850
Damascus Steel
No of Steel layers : 67
60-61 HRC
61 HRC

Samura DAMASCUS SD-0220 Set of three knives:
1. Paring knife 90mm
2. Utility knife 125mm
3. Chef's knife 200mm
4. Premium Gift Box

Our exceptional blades seamlessly fuse the ancient art of 67 layers of Damascus metal craftsmanship with cutting-edge high-tech manufacturing methods. This extraordinary blend results in a razor-sharp edge that effortlessly slices through with minimal resistance, delivering superior performance.

The cutting edge remains unwavering in strength and durability, ensuring many years of effective use.
Featuring an ergonomic G-10 handle with a steel bolster, it provides complete control and turns cutting into play.

Blade material: Damascus steel
Handle material: G-10
Number of layers: 67
Blade hardness: 60-61 HRC

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