BLACKSMITH Set of 3 kitchen knives: Utility knife, Nakiri knife, Santoku knife
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AED 735
AUS-8 Hammered steel
No of Steel layers : 1
58-59 HRC

The BLACKSMITH series comes wrapped in a Japanese decorative chef-roll packaged within an exquisite gift box.

Paying homage to traditional forging technology, the BLACKSMITH showcases hand made, high-carbon steel knives. Each blade features its own unique hammering pattern, a signature that will make BLACKSMITH your favorite kitchen tool wrapped in its elegant Japanese chef-roll packaged within an exquisite gift box.

BLACKSMITH knives are heavier than other SAMURA knives by 30-40%. Suitable for all kinds of cutting.

Blade material: Hammered steel
Number of layers: 1
Blade hardness: 58-59 HRC
Handle material: Micarta


  1. Samura Blacksmith Utility Knife 162 mm / 6.4” Utility Knives provide unchecked maneuverability when tackling those kitchen tasks that require more precise and fine cutting work. These medium-sized knives are used primarily for cutting, slicing, and chopping smaller food items like cheeses, herbs, fruit, and vegetables
  2. Samura Blacksmith Nakiri Knife 168 mm / 6.6” Meticulously designed, Samura Nakiri Knives express our deep respect for ancient Japanese traditions and culinary secrets. The detailed craft and hairsplitting edge of the straight, squared-tip blade of each Nakiri allow you to glide effortlessly across the cutting board without pushing or pulling to give you with juicy, even-edged veggies.
  3. Samura Blacksmith Santoku Knife 182 mm / 7.2” Santoku Knives, true to their three virtues, can handle any meat, fish, or produce. With flat, dimpled non-stick blades give Santoku knives a wider range of uses than even traditional chef’s knives. For high-volume cutting tasks like chopping, cubing, dicing, or mincing, Santoku knives prove to be reliable companions for any professional or home kitchen.

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