BAMBOO Set of 3 kitchen knives: Paring knife, Utility knife, Chef’s knife
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AED 205
AUS-8 Stainless steel
No of Steel layers : 1
58-59 HRC

The BAMBOO collection stands out with its full metal body composed of AUS-8 Steel and its Bamboo shaped handle.
The thin, elegant blade and ergonomic handle make BAMBOO knives incredibly lightweight and ideal for stylish kitchens with an array of knife types that cover all of your cutting needs.

Handle material: Stainless steel
Number of layers: 1
Blade material: AUS-8
Blade hardness: 58-59 HRC

The set includes the most necessary kitchen knives:
1. BAMBOO Chef’s Knife 200 mm / 8"
2. BAMBOO Utility knife 125 mm / 5"
3. BAMBOO Paring knife 80 mm / 3.2"

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