ARTEFACT Petty knife 7.1″
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AUS-10 Damascus Steel Stonewash
No of Steel layers : 5
59-61 HRC

The Samura ARTEFACT kitchen Petty knife with a 7.1''/180 mm blade is a high-quality and versatile knife that is ideal for a range of tasks in the kitchen. The blade length makes it suitable for trimming and slicing small to medium-sized fruits and vegetables and filleting fish.

Combining prehistoric aesthetics with state of the art blade quality, the ARTEFACT collection celebrates the minimalism of humanity’s earliest tools. The stonewash finishing produces a cold, stony feel both rugged and reliable.
Each blade is composed of 5 layers of AUS-10 steel that are sharpened by hand to promise optimal cutting performance.

Blade material: AUS-10 Damascus steel Stonewash
Number of layers: 5
Blade hardness: 59-61 HRC
Handle material: Stainless steel, Stonewash finish

Samura Petty knives: Crafted with lightweight finesse, the Petty Knife has no bounds. From effortlessly slicing through smaller fruits and veggies to delicately handling sausages, cheese, and more, this knife redefines culinary mastery. Elevate your cooking experience with the perfect balance of functionality and elegance, making every meal preparation a work of art.

SKU #: SAR-0024

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