What does sharpening 3000 mean?

This means that the sharpening of a certain knife was done on a water sharpening stone with a grit of 3000 units (#3000).
Any knife sharpening is carried out in several stages, the number of which primarily depends on the degree of dullness.

Coarse, using sharpening stones from #400 to #1000 – the correct angle (cutting edge geometry) is formed with coarse abrasives.

Medium, using sharpening stones from #1000 to #3000 – finer abrasives are used to grind to the desired smoothness.

Finishing, if necessary, using sharpening stones from #3000 to #8000 – edges are polished to a mirror shine (finishing).

To maintain the sharpness of kitchen knives at home, two stages with sharpening stones from #1000 to #3000 will be sufficient.

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