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The Juggernaut Kitchen Hatchet
  • Heavy weight
  • Spider’s web perforated chassis
  • Genuine leather overgrip
Samura The Juggernaut

A custom kitchen hatchet, The JUGGERNAUT is an instant legend of unstoppable, bone-splitting beauty that will attack your chopping tasks with unstoppable precision. Rugged yet ravishing, The JUGGERNAUT forges the seemingly incompatible worlds of mythological power and real-world efficacy, bringing Iron Age permanence to your kitchen with the sophisticated technology, eccentric esthetic, and incomparable craftsmanship inherent to Samura.

Sharp enough to slice through bones like butter, The JUGGERNAUT boasts corrosion-resistant high chromium steel that—with over 0.5% of carbon—will also resist the wear of routine use and retain a perfect edge. Its stunning spider’s web perforated chassis has a leather strap uniquely wound around its handle to give you a warrior’s grip. The JUGGERNAUT is optimally balanced, making the hardest cooking chores seem effortless.

Thousands of years from now, The JUGGERNAUT will remain, symbolizing the paradoxical appeal of timeless contributions to the culinary arts. An indispensable addition to the kitchen arsenal of seasoned chefs and home cooks alike, The JUGGERNAUT obliterates your greatest butchering challenges with astounding elegance.

The Juggernaut Series Is An Excellent Choice For separating frozen products, butchering, deboning, and chopping large vegetables like root crops or bamboo

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